Dear guests,

On Saturday, December 21st Laekyn Sillavan, a beloved friend, staff member, and new mother, was involved in a severe head on collision on her way home from work. She is in stable condition but suffered a concussion, multiple breaks (including a femur), a ruptured spleen, and other injuries. In October of this year, Laekyn gave birth to Klaus, who is now a healthy baby soon to be 3-months-old. Due to her extensive injuries, Laekyn is unable even to hold him at the moment. Her expected recovery time is 5 - 6 months and will involve extensive physical rehab. In the mean time she faces the costs of multiple surgeries and a newborn baby boy. While the staff have collectively donated what they are able, we are hoping to raise more of the sorely needed funds to support Laekyn through a charity raffle. 100% of the proceeds from the raffle will go directly to Laekyn and help her cover food costs, baby supplies, hospital fees, and transportation. Tickets for the raffle are priced at $10 and the drawing will be held Monday, February 20th.

- First Prize:
A bottle of top shelf tequila, hand-painted by our owner, Enrique Cervantes. (Tequila valued over $100)

- Second Prize:
A $50 Gift Card redeemable at either Blue Apache location

- Third Prize:
A $30 Gift Card redeemable at either Blue Apache location

In addition to our raffle, we will be linking Laekyn's GoFundMe page on our Blue Apache Facebook pages. Thanks to all of our great guests and friends for your support!